Home Maid Cleaning - So much more than "good enough".
This form does not include personal items, furniture, etc., that will be cleaned as well.
Wash inside of cabinets
Wash outside of cabinets
Wash top of cabinets
Wash underneath the top cabinets
Wash inside the drawers
Clean under the sink
Wash inside of the fridge
Wash outside of the fridge
Move the fridge and clean behind it
Wash inside of the freezer
Wash inside of the microwave
Wash outside of the microwave
Clean glass top stove and remove hardened residue
Take apart the top of the stove and clean
Clean the inside of the oven
Clean the bottom drawer of the oven
Clean the top of the range hood
Clean inside the range hood
Clean the range hood filter
Pull the stove out and clean behind it
Clean the countertops
Wash the backsplash
Clean the lighting above the sink
Clean the window above the sink
Clean the window sill above the sink
Clean the blinds above the sink
Clean the outside of the dishwasher
Clean the baseboards
Clean the back splash on the floor under the sink
Vacuum the flooring
Wash the flooring
Clean the ceiling fan
Clean the sink
Dust the walls
Wash the walls
Wash light switches and outlets
Wash doors and panelling
Dust ceiling
Remove cobwebs