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Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

About Us

Home Maid Cleaning is a small business that began in late 2011.  A single owner with a passion for detail and perfection. Customers receive the same dedicated and hardworking passion today as they did when the business began. It's the reason we continue to thrive and stay connected with our customers throughout the years.  

Dedicated Staff

Our teams have been with us for many years. We take pride in our 

work and provide the same top notch services each and every time. You will get to know our crew and we love to get to know you and your pets!

Detailed Services

We are a premium cleaning service with an exceptional eye for detail. 

Quality Cleaning Supplies

We respect your need to protect the ones you love but also have a clean home. Over the years we have researched and found the best products to do both. Feel free to ask about our products and methods. We have some great secrets!

Work Experience

Home Maid Cleaning has been in service since 2011. We continue to service customers today that we serviced when we started.

Our Corporate Housing service started in 2018. We had an exclusive 40 unit contract with Stay Alfred in Columbus, Ohio until Covid-19. Unfortunately,  the company went out of business. We currently clean for additional corporate housing and Air BnB companies.. 

We work with Realtors on a routine basis. Their insights and level of expectations are invaluable in pre-sale cleans.

Faster Than You Think

Detailed and efficient. One of the best things about our level of experience is a great routine! We have place for everything and a plan of action within minutes of entering the residence. 

Clean Home.  Professional Service.  Fair Price.

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